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6 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

In only a few short weeks, your home is about to be filled to the ceiling with candy. Indulging in a Halloween treat (or two) won’t hurt, but having a stockpile of sweets for the winter presents health challenges for… Continue Reading →

How To Keep Braces Clean At School

Not only do you have to brush in the morning and night, but with braces it’s important to also do so after every meal. That means there’s no skimping out, even at school. We know how it sounds: exhausting. We… Continue Reading →

The Best Fall Festivals on Long Island 2017

The fall festivals have been taking place here on Long Island all throughout September. But with school starting back up again, you and your kids may have been too busy to attend one of them. If you didn’t get a… Continue Reading →

Important Teeth Terms

Uncertain of what your child’s dentist is talking about during your appointments? We’re here to help you brush up on your dental vocab! Important Teeth Terms Everyone Should Know: Abrasion: Wear on a tooth caused by brushing too hard. Bruxism:… Continue Reading →

Painful Tooth Eruption: What to do If Your Child’s New Tooth Hurts

Baby teeth are also called primary or deciduous teeth. Once they finally erupt through your little one’s gums, they won’t stop until their teenage years. How To Relieve Tooth Eruption Pain To help ease the pain, clean your finger and… Continue Reading →

Long Island Labor Day Weekend Events

With Labor Day just a few short days away, it’s time to start planning your weekend of fun. This year, we say take a break from the typical barbecue parties and beach days — head to one of these entertaining,… Continue Reading →

6 Interesting Facts about Thumbsucking

Watching your child suck their thumb is often worrisome for parents. This is actually completely normal, but you don’t want this habit to persist as they get older! Here are six more things you should know about thumb sucking 1.Thumb… Continue Reading →

Back To School Tooth-Friendly Recipes

Who says lunch doesn’t have to be yummy and tooth-friendly? Send your kids back to school with these quick, healthy, dentist-approved meals!   Snackin’ Trail Mix Trail mix is a popular treat with children, and it couldn’t be easier to… Continue Reading →

Can You Use Mouthwash Instead of Flossing?

Do you floss or rinse? One kills the germs in your mouth (alcohol), the other removes them (floss). But do both need to be apart of your four minute-a-day oral hygiene routine? Pros of Mouthwash Mouthwash comes in two categories,… Continue Reading →

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Want to wear white after Labor Day? It may be against the fashion rules, but it isn’t a problem in the dental world! Add these few fruits and vegetable options for your Labor Day weekend festivities — you can thank… Continue Reading →

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