Month December 2016

5 Ways To Help Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions

It’s never too early to start making goals, which is why children should be included in making a New Year’s resolution list. Kids can benefit from creating goals whether they successfully achieve them or not – there’s also value in… Continue Reading →

Protect Your Teeth From Christmas Treats

Your child’s face lights up once they see the dessert table on Christmas. Before your child starts running towards the tempting goodies and stuffing their face, beware of the side effects these treats can have on their teeth. Sugary, sticky… Continue Reading →

Healthy Holiday Snacks For Kids

  The holidays are time for family, fun, and most importantly-food. With all the yummy goodies offered, kids will be downing sugary snacks like their lives depend on it. So as a parent, how do you make sure that your… Continue Reading →

Dental Stocking Stuffers For Kids

The holiday season is upon us and while you’re out doing your shopping, it’s important to pick up gifts that are not only fun for your kids but good for them too! Next time you’re buying your holiday gifts, grab… Continue Reading →

Easy Ways To Motivate Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Sometimes, getting your child to brush can seem like an impossible task, but it’s important for your little ones to maintain good oral hygiene to keep their tiny teeth healthy and strong. If, come brushing time you’re struggling with ways… Continue Reading →

Tips For Cutting Back On Sugar

Too much sugar can certainly be bad for your health, particularly your teeth. When sugar is left on your teeth, it gives bacteria the food it needs to thrive and create cavities. It’s important to reduce the amount of sugar… Continue Reading →

Common Causes of Bleeding Gums In Kids

If your child has ever come to you with bleeding gums, you know how scary that can be! But before you panic, keep in mind that there are a number of things that can be the culprit. Here are some… Continue Reading →

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