Month February 2017

How To Store Your Toothbrush

You may not think about it, but properly storing your child’s toothbrush is just as important as making sure they’re brushing and flossing daily. All of that hard work to keep their mouths clean and healthy ends up going down… Continue Reading →

Recent Reviews: February 2017

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist on Long Island, look no further than Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County. We offer a caring and compassionate approach to pediatric dentistry, ensuring our patients are comfortable at all times. But don’t just… Continue Reading →

Tooth-Friendly Snacks Before Bed

Ever wake up to your children moaning and groaning that their tummies are turning? Many kids need a bedtime snack to hold them through the night, especially during growth spurts – so make sure you’re adding a nutritious snack to… Continue Reading →

How To Prevent Bad Breath In Kids

What’s that smell? Bad breath, medically known as halitosis, is a condition even children can experience. If you notice your little one’s breath is not so pleasant, improper oral hygiene is probably the culprit. And if that happens to be… Continue Reading →

Common Baby Teeth Myths

With so many years of experience taking care of your own teeth, you would think that caring for your baby’s adorable ones would be no big deal. Yet there’s still great confusion about what to do when teeth start making… Continue Reading →

4 Ways To Reduce Sugar In Your Child’s Diet

Cereal, cookies, candies, and soda – your child may love all of these sweet treats, but the bacteria in their mouth loves the sugar in them even more. The effects of sugar on teeth may not be noticeable right away,… Continue Reading →

Teaching Your Kids How To Brush And Floss

Are you packing up to get out of this cold weather? We don’t blame you! However, keeping your family’s teeth strong and healthy while traveling is just as important as keeping warm. Make sure their brushing and flossing routines don’t… Continue Reading →

Good Morning Habits Before School

Blessed are the parents who have an organized morning routine for their kids. But for the most of us, getting an entire family up, dressed, fed, and out the door before the sun comes up is a recipe for disaster…. Continue Reading →

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