Month July 2017

4 Tips For Braces And Summer Barbecues

Your friends and family are over, there’s plenty of ice in the cooler, and you’re prepping the grill for a delicious BBQ meal. While this may be your twentieth barbecue of the season (which is certainly not a bad thing),… Continue Reading →

Sink Your Teeth Into Shark Week

Only a few short days left until we all dive into the deep blue sea — from the comfort of our living rooms that is! Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is back! And to get us ready, we wanted to share… Continue Reading →

Fourth Of July Presidential Tooth Facts

You may remember our presidents’ smiles from photos in your textbook, but do you know the stories behind them? The Truth About George Washington’s Teeth. While it’s true that George Washington wore dentures, they were never wooden (despite popular belief)…. Continue Reading →

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