Month May 2018

What Is Bottle Rot?

As your child’s first teeth start poking through, its crucial that you take care of their mouth and oral health during this time of development. Many parents think giving your child a bottle to use them to sleep or comfort… Continue Reading →

Using the Tooth Fairy to Improve Dental Habits

The Tooth Fairy, much like Santa or the Easter Bunny, is a (spoiler alert!) mythical character used to bring enjoyment to your child during special occasions. While the primary objective of the Tooth Fairy has been to bring smiles to… Continue Reading →

Should My Teen Use Teeth Whitening Agents?

As children go through adolescence, personal confidence in their looks becomes a crucial part of their self-esteem. Plenty of teenagers worry about the look of their eyes, the shape of their nose, and the brilliance of their smile. Unfortunately, many… Continue Reading →

How Much Soda Is Too Much Soda?

Multiple studies show a strong relationship between sugary, acidic drinks and tooth decay, especially in children as their teeth are still going through the developmental stages. Heavy consumption has also been associated with various complications outside of oral health including… Continue Reading →

Foods To Avoid After A Cavity Filling

When your child gets a cavity filled, their mouth can remain sensitive for a period of time following the procedure. In this case sensitivity is normal, but to keep the filling in place and the area unaffected, it’s important to… Continue Reading →

Fluoride Treatments

Often, cavities in kids come from too much sugar, improper brushing, plaque buildup, or genetics. If your child suffers from cavities, tooth sensitivity, or discoloration of their teeth, it’s time to start thinking about fluoride treatments. What Does Fluoride Do?… Continue Reading →

Best Products For A Teething Baby

There’s no worse feeling than knowing your child is in pain or feeling discomfort. As your baby grows, you come to understand these many moments that are a part of development. Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County is here to help… Continue Reading →

5 Brushing Apps For Kids

Kids hate being told what to do. Just like the rest of us, humans are more likely to want to do something thinking it is our idea or something we come up with on our own. When it comes to… Continue Reading →

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