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School is almost back in session. And while you’re probably busy running around getting your child the latest wardrobe and new school supplies they’ll need this year, there’s one very important thing you can’t forget–ensuring they have the right tools for a healthy mouth! To keep their smiles bright and sparkly, incorporate these healthy mouth tips in their back to school prep:

Take them for regular dental check-ups: The best way to diagnose or treat any problem early, before bigger issues arise is by staying on top of their dental exams. Parent and teachers might not realize that there is an issue, so taking them for regularly scheduled visits for routine fluoride treatments and sealants is very important.

Maintain a healthy regime at home: Encouraging your child to brush twice daily, for two minutes each time with fluoride toothpaste and then floss is the best way to practice good oral hygiene. When you’re out shopping for school supplies, make sure to start the school year off right by heading to the dental aisle and allowing your kids to pick a cool, new toothbrush. Getting your kids excited about their new supplies will help them stick with their routine.

Eat healthy: Packing healthy tooth friendly snacks and drinks to bring to school will benefit their teeth in a huge way. Remember to send them with things like cheese, raw vegetables, yogurt or fruit. Keep the drinks sugar-free and opt for water or low-fat milk. Providing them these meals ensures they will always have a healthy and satisfying option at lunch time.

Protect their teeth: If your child does play a sport, make sure that you have them properly fitted for a mouth guard to protect their tiny teeth from getting hurt or injured during an activity.

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