Is your child acting up lately? Mom’s usually know best, but if you’re having trouble figuring out the culprit, you should turn to your little one’s diet. Some snacks and meals may contain mood-altering ingredients, and you know what they say, “we are what we eat.” Here are four foods your child should stay away from.

1. Dairy
Dairy makes many children irritable, cranky, or aggressive. Also, children with dairy allergies often suffer from frequent colds and ear infections. While the calcium in dairy helps make their teeth strong, try getting this important nutrient from something else like beans or almonds.

2. Artificial Coloring
Artificial coloring has been linked to ADHD, anxiety, hyperactivity, and headaches in children. Avoid products with yellow number five, red number 40, and blue number one.

3. Sugar
Sugar has been shown to cause long-term health damage including depression, sleep problems, and tooth decay. Try to keep the sweet treats out of the house, so it’s out of sight, out of mind!

4. Preservatives
There are several preservatives that may be contributing to your child’s mood swings. For instance, monosodium glutamate creates headaches and hyperactivity and can be found in many juice products geared towards children.

If you happen to notice any behavioral changes or mood swings with your child, take note of their eating habits. And to Ensure your child is receiving the best oral care and schedule regular check-ups with us. At Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County, we offer a caring and compassionate approach, making sure our patients are comfortable at all times. To learn more or schedule an appointment, visit our website or give us a call.

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