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The next time your child asks your for a piece of gum, don’t stop them! While brushing for two minutes twice a day is still the best way to prevent cavities, studies show that chewing sugarless gum in between meals has helped decrease the number of treatments a child will require at the dentist. Aside from freshening their breath, here are some other ways that chewing sugarless gum can actually be good for your kids:

  • Did you know that chewing gum for 20 minutes after a meal was instrumental in helping prevent cavities, according to the ADA?
  • Chewing gum increases saliva production in the mouth, which is actually good for neutralizing plaque acids, remineralizing tooth enamel and helping to remove food debris from your child’s mouth and teeth.
  • Not only is chewing sugarless gum good for your teeth, but as an added bonus, it can help aid in your child’s digestion. Popping a piece of gum within 30 minutes of finishing a meal can help reduce acid reflux in your kids.
  • Have your child grab a piece of sugar-free gum to kill the bacteria in their mouth. According to Medical Daily, one piece of sugar-free gum that is chewed for 10 minutes can kill 100 million bacteria in the mouth! Wow!
  • When looking for a pack of sugar-free gum, make sure to buy one that contains Xylitol. Xylitol is an all natural ingredient that comes from fruits, vegetables and plants, and has been known to decrease the quantity of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. Less bacteria=less cavities=less money spent at the dentist!

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