Kids hate being told what to do. Just like the rest of us, humans are more likely to want to do something thinking it is our idea or something we come up with on our own. When it comes to teeth brushing, and you feel like you’ve tried all the tricks in the book to get your child to brush, you have options! Try one of these teeth brushing apps to get your child to brush his/her teeth regularly and make the experience fun while they’re at it.

Brusheez: Little Monsters Toothbrush Timer

This app includes little monsters that get your child to brush their teeth. Your child can change up the monster’s look including the clothing and hairstyles. The monsters will guide your child by singing along while the timer ticks as they brush. If your child likes characters, monsters in specific, they will love this app!

Brush DJ

If your child loves music, this is the app for him/her. Brush DJ plays two minutes of your child’s favorite song(s) pulled directly from your music library. This is an easy way to distract your child while brushing and get their mind focusing on the music. You can also set reminders for your child’s next dental appointment, when to replace a toothbrush and more.

Tiny Dentist

Using cute characters, this app helps your child better understand the process of the dentist and what to expect at the next appointment. It doesn’t stick strictly to brushing, but also includes other treatments ranging from flossing to stain removal and more.

Disney Magic Timer

Every kid seems to love Disney and it’s original characters. This app collaborated with Oral-B to design a brushing timer with a reward at the end for doing well. This reward includes revealing hidden characters along the way as they continue to brush.

Brush Up

This app teaches your child how to brush better using robots and stickers. The robot will brush along with your child showing him/her where to brush, how to brush, and how long to brush. A catchy theme song and digital sticker prizes help to incentivize along the way!

With these fun apps, getting your child to brush their teeth should be no problem at all! For more information on teeth brushing, technique, and ways to help your child’s oral health, contact Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County today!