As parents, we all know that it is a never-ending challenge to make sure that our children are using proper hygiene. The truth is that many kids (and even teenagers) do not like to brush their teeth and floss or even see the dentist for a simple checkup. We constantly have to stay on our kid’s cases to make sure they have healthy smiles. The following 5 dental hygiene tips will provide you with the knowledge you need to provide good dental care for your child, along with giving you some peace of mind!

Select the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste

As a parent, you must choose the right type of toothbrush that will get your child motivated about their dental hygiene. This mean you should get a toothbrush that will be soft on their gums but firm enough to remove plaque and debris from their mouths. However, if you have a teen, then a medium bristle toothbrush should be just fine. Younger children need toothpaste with fluoride. You also might want to get the fruity or candy flavored toothpaste varieties to encourage brushing.

The Importance of Flossing

Teach your kids how to floss and the importance at an early age. This is necessary for ensuring that your child’s teeth are being kept free from cavities and other problems associated with tooth decay. Starting a good flossing regime at an early age should help them for life. You can even get creative! Regular old floss is boring for children and may be hard to use. If you pick up some fun, bright flossers, your kids may be more inclined to want to use them! 

Show your Children how to Properly Brush Their Teeth

Many children do not know how to properly clean their teeth, with most kids spending less than 20 seconds brushing. When they do brush their teeth they typically brush the same spot throughout the whole process, which can lead to bad hygiene later in life. It is important to teach your child to brush gently around the gums while using short, tooth-wide strokes without forgetting to brush all inner, outer and chewing surfaces. Don’t let them forget to brush their tongue!

Encourage your Children to Brush their Teeth Twice a Day

Parents should teach their children how to brush their teeth first thing in the morning and right before bed. You can even make brushing fun with a sing along. Come up with different tunes and lyrics all about teeth brushing! You can even make it educational. Another incentive to encourage your child to brush their teeth is to offer a reward. Make a deal. Challenge your child to brush his/her teeth every night for one week without being asked and reward them with something small if they do so.

Lead by Example When It Comes To Good Hygiene

One of the best ways that you can teach your children good hygiene is to have good hygiene habits yourself. Be proud of your child and get them excited about brushing their teeth. If they see you excited, it will spark interest and make them excited. Kids are constantly learning, and if we show them teeth brushing can be fun, they will think so too!

Now that you know what to do, you should use this knowledge to help your child to improve their hygiene. With the correct approach, teeth brushing can become a great bonding experience! The professionals at Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County are here to help with your child’s oral care.

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