When packing for a trip, you would never forget your shampoo and conditioner — but what about your floss? It is essential to have certain items on the go when traveling to keep your teeth healthy and prevent any emergency trips to the dentist.

The Top 5 Dental Products To Take On Every Vacation

1. Toothbrush

A travel toothbrush is half the size of a regular toothbrush, making it easy to carry with you on the go. Your toothbrush is the #1 tool used to keep your teeth healthy and clean, and helps to rid your mouth of plaque and food particles stuck between your teeth.

2. Floss

Always carry your floss with you to get in between the spaces of your teeth. Floss is essential for cleaning in between teeth and below the gum line. Floss is an especially good recommendation for those with braces or aligners, which may make it harder to get leftover particles out of your teeth.

3. Toothpaste

There are plenty of travel-sized toothpaste tubes that you can pack to use when you travel. Make sure to pick a toothpaste that is antibacterial in order to make sure it’s providing the best benefits to your child.

4. Interproximal brush

After an orthodontic treatment, you may want to carry an interproximal brush with you, a small brush specially designed for cleaning between your teeth, where a regular toothbrush does not reach. It’s convenient for removing food stuck in your archwire, brackets, and teeth.

5. Mirror

Having a pocket mirror will help you see any particles you have left after brushing. You can also use it when brushing to get a better look.

In addition to these items, you may want to also carry:

  • Over the counter medications: like ibuprofen for pain relieve
  • Orthodontic wax: to ease the irritation caused by your wires or brackets rubbing a sore spot.

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