We’re already dreaming of the soon-to-be long, summer nights. Backyard parties, picnics, and Fourth of July barbecues — it’s some of the best memories of the year. But, they can pose as a real challenge when it comes to your health and wellness. Here are five healthy tips to help you with your oral hygiene this summer.

1. Swap chips for a different kind of crunch. Potato chips are usually a party fare, but this summer, we’re throwing the bag away for a healthier option – fruits and veggies. The appetizer dips will taste just as good, trust us!

2. Cheese please. At one of your many BBQ’s this season, ask for some cheese on your burger, please. Studies show that eating more dairy my lower your chances of developing gum disease!

3. Buy dental picks. Your guests may need something to get the pulled pork or corn on the cob out of their teeth. But, don’t buy toothpicks. They can pierce gums, allowing bacteria to build up. Instead, leave out a bowl of soft, flexible, wooden plaque removers like Stim-U-Dent.

4. Crush, don’t cube. While ice may be your best friend on a hot summer day, your teeth should stay away. Chewing on hard items, including ice, can damage your teeth, so if you need ice for your drinks try them crushed, not cubed.

5. Keep gum handy. Ever thought about putting a bowl of sugar-free gum on your dessert table? The ADA says that chewing sugarless gum 20 minutes after our meals can help prevent tooth decay. Chewing on gum produces saliva that will wash away food that can cause bacteria to build up in your mouth.


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