It’s never too early to start making goals, which is why children should be included in making a New Year’s resolution list. Kids can benefit from creating goals whether they successfully achieve them or not – there’s also value in failure. Help your children create a realistic list of resolutions and watch as they grow and accomplish their goals.

Stay Positive
Begin the conversation with your children on a positive note and go over the wonderful things they accomplished throughout the year. Remind them of their progress as each year passes and refrain from pointing out their shortcomings – creating goals will be more fun for them if they know they’re capable.

Suggest Ideas
Allow your child to create their own resolutions. You should guide and suggest ideas, but don’t create the goal for them. Kids have a better shot at achieving their goal if they feel like it was their idea. But still, they need guidance, which is where parents come in. Help them come up with broad categories to start from and make slight changes to their goals where need be.

Narrow Down The List
Consistency is key, which isn’t possible if your child is worried about completing too many goals. Have your little one stick to two or three resolutions for the new year. Complete the process by having them decorate their resolution list and hang it up somewhere they can see. This makes their goals more personal and memorable.

Create Family Goals
Your children will have a better chance in following through with their goals when they know that everyone in the family is involved. Setting goals together unites your family and creates a special bond. You can even add a little friendly competition to the mix – provide an incentive to the ones that complete their goal first. And don’t forget about your children’s dental health! A great New Year’s resolution could be keeping up with their brushing and flossing routine – brushing for two minutes, twice a day.

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