In only a few short weeks, your home is about to be filled to the ceiling with candy. Indulging in a Halloween treat (or two) won’t hurt, but having a stockpile of sweets for the winter presents health challenges for parents. Here’s how you can help your family stay healthy on Halloween.

1. Time It Right.

The saliva in your mouth increases during meals. Which is why the ADA suggests eating Halloween candy with meals or shortly after mealtime. This will help rinse away any food particles or bacteria that can be left in your mouth.

2. Choose Candy Carefully.

And don’t keep them in your mouth for a long time. Unless it’s sugar-free, this can lead to an increased risk for tooth decay.

3. Avoid Sticky Situations.

Candies that are sticky, like taffy or gummy bears, take longer to rinse away by our saliva.

4. Drink More Water.

Trick-or-treating can take a lot out of your little ghosts and goblins. Make sure they drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and also wash away the sugar they’ve been snacking on.

5. Chew Sugar-Free Gum.

Chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes after meals helps reduce tooth decay by increasing saliva flow. You can even substitute bubblegum for sugarless gum as a treat!

6. Trick-or-Trinkets.

Consider gifting out non edible treats instead of candy! There’s yoyo’s, bouncy balls, monster finger puppets and tons more.

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