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Much like getting ready for school or sitting down for dinner, brushing their teeth is often an activity that kids resists. Exhibiting good dental hygiene can’t be ignored, because establishing habits now will set your kids up for a life of a healthy mouth! If your children are giving you a hard time about brushing their teeth, try making it FUN! Here are some creative ways to encourage your kids to brush and keep those teeth sparkling:

Is your child giving you a hard time with brushing? Schedule an appointment with Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County and we’ll explain the importance of proper oral hygiene to them.  With two convenient locations in Medford and Commack, we offer a caring and compassionate approach to pediatric dentistry, ensuring our patients are comfortable at all times. To learn more about our practice visit us here, or give us a call at 631-320-0880 to schedule an appointment today!