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Now that your kids are back to school after the break, keep them healthy with delicious and nutritious snacks. Parents Magazine has great ideas that are tasty and fun.

Fruits are important in a child’s diet. A child should eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Fruits can be served in a variety of ways. Fruits can be eaten dried, frozen, in a salad, popsicle or smoothie form. It is important to remember to cut the fruit into small pieces so they do not become a choking hazard.

Make vegetables fun with low-fat dips like guacamole, hummus and bean dips. Soy, like edamame, is a delicious way for kids to receive the proper vegetable servings. Stuff whole-wheat pitas with veggies and add a side of dressing or hummus. Or go the classic with ants on a log.

Whole grains provide vitamins, fiber and minerals. Top tortillas or English Muffins with veggies and dips. Crackers are simple. Your child can eat them alone or top them with low-fat cheese, peanut butter or other healthy choices! Always keep whole grain and low fat in mind. Serve your child granola bars, breadsticks, pretzels or flat breads.

When it comes to dairy you want to keep it in moderation. Dairy provides calcium but too much unhealthy dairy can saturate arteries. Low-fat or fat-free yogurt is great for helping your child’s bones grow. You could even add fruit into the yogurt! Frozen yogurt and low-fat pudding can be a delicious treat as long as it is occasionally and not an everyday snack.

When it comes to drinks water is always best. If you child wants more flavor try seltzer, club soda or sparkling water. Low-fat and fat-free milk is great for your child too. Chocolate or strawberry milk is a great tasty treat. Even try soymilk if your child likes it.

The best fruit juice you can buy is 100% fruit juice. This way you can avoid any unwanted added sugars or sweeteners. While fruit juice can have a high caloric intake, it does contain vitamins and minerals. Always serve your child fruit juice in moderation.

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