At one point in time, most parents have become concerned about the safety of X-rays. People often hear stories about radiation being emitted from sunlight, microwaves, and computers. Parents should not be concerned about dental X-rays when they take their kids to the dentist. There are several reasons why dental X-rays are safe for both adults and children.

Some X-Rays Are Dangerous, But Not The Dental Kind

It is true that people should be concerned about receiving X-rays. Since its discovery, X-radiation has caused numerous health problems that include skin burns and deformities. However, any problem with X-rays is nearly always linked to overexposure or excessive usage.

People who receive numerous X-rays and CT scans every year are at a higher risk of developing cancer. Those who receive one diagnostic scan per year are exposed to a non-harmful level of radiation. The point is that using X-rays is dangerous but only if it’s misused.

Dental X-Rays Are Safe

Children may require more X-ray imaging than adults because their bodies are still developing. Most do not take care of their teeth properly, so cavities are more common for them. However, the dentist looks over the patient’s teeth carefully and decides if it’s safe to order this test.

Receiving dental X-rays is generally as safe as being exposed to background radiation. The health risks only increase when you increase the amount of exposure. Most dentists will not recommend that patients receive more X-rays than necessary. If you work with one dentist, you or your child receive a maximum of one scan per year.

Parents should not be too concerned about the safety of dental X-rays. These images are necessary to look for defects in the teeth and gums, which are not seen by the visible eye. Our staff at Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County are prepared to help you set up an appointment.