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Caring for your children’s teeth can be the best or worst part of your day. If you think your children may be at the point where they can handle brushing on their own without your assistance, there are a few helpful tips you can follow to make the transition an easy one for all involved! 

Let your tot pick brushing materials- An interesting character on a toothbrush or toothpaste may encourage your toddler into brushing their own teeth. Let them pick out their items the next time you visit the drugstore! 

Think positive- Your youngster probably wont be cleaning their teeth exactly right, but don’t panic! Have them learn technique first. The more they practice, the more their brushing will improve. 

Brush with them- Let your child brush their own teeth in the morning while you help them and brush with them at night. This will help them get on a system. Flossing once a day is something you will want to introduce them to once they get the hang of brushing their own teeth. 

Have fun with the toothbrush- Think about purchasing your child a battery operated spin brush. This might influence them into brushing more. Your kiddies might also enjoy a toothbrush that plays a song for a few minutes.

Be encouraging- Don’t forget to praise your child for brushing their teeth all by themselves! 

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