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Childhood cavities are the most common chronic childhood disease and are entirely preventable! Preventing cavities in your child starts with taking proper steps to ensure they are using their bottle the right way. Here are the dos and don’ts of a baby bottle to avoid cavities:

Do: Wipe their mouth after meals. Keeping a clean cloth handy will keep their mouth free of sugar and debris that can lead to cavities.
Don’t: Put anything sugary in your child’s bottle. That includes fruit or sports drinks! These drinks are packed with sugar and can cause dental problems as teeth appear.

Do: Let them have a drink before bed. Giving them a big drink before bed will help wean them off of wanting to go to sleep with a bottle.

Don’t: Send them to bed with a bottle. This can be destructive for their gums and developing teeth.

Do: Heat their bottles in a pot of warm water. Make sure to test the temperature on your arm before you give it to your baby, but a bottle heated on the stove is the easiest way to make sure it is heated evenly throughout.

Don’t: Heat their bottle in the microwave. This can heat the formula unevenly, causing your child to get burned by the too hot temperatures. The extreme heat can also damage their plastic bottles and emit toxic gases.

Do: Check up on cavities every six months:  The best way to prevent childhood tooth decay is by establishing a dental home for your child before their first birthday.

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