Who says lunch doesn’t have to be yummy and tooth-friendly? Send your kids back to school with these quick, healthy, dentist-approved meals!


Snackin’ Trail Mix

Trail mix is a popular treat with children, and it couldn’t be easier to prepare. Flavor it with lots of tasty, tooth-approved ingredients like sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, raisins, and almond halves. Stuff it in their lunch box as a snack or to have as an on-the-go breakfast meal.


Peanut Butter Granola Pinwheels

This recipe is great for before, during, and after school! It’s really quick to make and filling enough to hold your kids over throughout the day. To serve as a power lunch, cut one whole wheat tortilla into smaller bite-sizes with extra peanut butter.


Hummus Wraps

Chickpeas help fight bacteria and inflammation, which is just what your little ones mouth is looking for! Take a whole wheat tortilla, add hummus, grilled chicken, and bell peppers. You can even swap the tortilla for lettuce for a more heart-healthy option!


Mini Grilled Cheese

Milk and other dairy products are low in sugar and filled with protein and calcium — super tooth-friendly! Try preparing mini grilled cheeses for the week. Your little ones will end up nibbling on them any chance they get!


Are you packing tooth-friendly lunches for your child? If you’re unsure, give Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County a call! Our friendly staff is more than happy to help! And don’t forget about scheduling a back to school dental checkup as well! give us a call at 631-320-0880 to schedule an appointment today!

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