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Are you getting your child ready for their first day of school? In addition to making sure that their backpack is filled with the right school supplies, it’s important to make sure that your child has not only heart healthy meals ready for lunch time, but also tooth friendly ones! 

To ensure that your child has a healthier, whiter smile all throughout the day, we recommend sending them with foods that are rich in certain nutrients or that require certain processes to take place within their mouth. The following are just a few choices that we suggest!

Calcium: Foods like milk, yogurt and cheese can aid in strengthening your child’s teeth and jaw bone while also preventing tooth decay.

Bacteria Fighters: Fruits and vegetables like celery and apples require your mouth to work harder and chew more. By doing so, you generate more saliva which can kill the bad bacteria in your mouth!

Vitamin C: Foods like red peppers and oranges, which are high in Vitamin C, strengthen blood vessels and tissue to help keep your gums healthy.

Protein: Lunches packed with protein rich foods, such as chicken or turkey, are great for building enamel. For your child’s main course, we suggest whole wheat sandwiches with these ingredients to help!

Vitamin D: Finally, foods like hard boiled eggs and tuna fish, which are also high in protein, can help absorb the calcium and protein received by eating certain foods. Like the options mentioned above, these foods are also a smart choice if you’re looking to help keep teeth strong.

When packing lunch, it’s also important to stay away from foods that will get stuck in between your child’s teeth or break down their enamel. That means no sugary sodas, gummy snacks or white bread! If your child is planning on consuming these foods, make sure they do so when they have the opportunity to brush their teeth right after.

At Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County, we have a caring and compassionate approach to dentistry to ensure our patient’s comfort at all times. Our emphasis is total preventive care, which is why we educate our patients and their families on how they can work to take care of their teeth before and after they visit the dentist!

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