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It’s important to get your child in the habit of daily brushing and flossing to maintain good dental health. But are they negating all of their good work without even knowing it? Help keep their teeth healthy by making sure they avoid these damaging daily habits:

Brushing too hard: Getting your child into the habit of daily brushing is great for their oral hygiene. But if they brush too often or too vigorously, it can do more harm than good. Over brushing can wear down enamel, irritate gums, cause sensitivity and even lead to cavities. Help your children avoid these problems by giving them a soft bristled toothbrush and teach them the importance of proper brushing techniques.

Thumb sucking: This might be a hard habit to break for a kid, but children who suck their thumb after their permanent teeth come in are at risk for damaging their teeth and jaw structure. Thumb sucking can cause misalignment to their teeth, which can result in difficulty chewing and even breathing. Thumbs down on thumb sucking!

Chewing on Ice: While ice cubes may seem harmless, the cold temperatures and hardness of  the cubes can cause some serious damage to your child’s teeth. Crunching on ice can weaken tooth enamel, and make them more susceptible to cracking or chipping a tooth! Ouch!  

Using them as a tool: Using your teeth to break off a tag on clothing, open a bag of chips or to unscrew the cap off of a pen can do serious damage to your child’s dental health. Teach them to treat their teeth kindly and avoid putting unnecessary items in their mouth.

Biting Their Nails: Not only are they spreading bacteria in their mouth when they bite their nails, but they’re causing their teeth to shift out of place. Regular nail biting puts your child at a higher risk for breaking their teeth or causing tooth enamel to splinter.

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