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Caring For Your Child’s Toothbrush

Daily routine care for your child’s teeth is imperative. It helps to keep a great smile and also assists in overall health. One of the best ways to ensure that your child’s teeth maintain good health is by brushing them… Continue Reading →

5 Brushing Apps For Kids

Kids hate being told what to do. Just like the rest of us, humans are more likely to want to do something thinking it is our idea or something we come up with on our own. When it comes to… Continue Reading →

Choosing The Right Toothpaste for Your Child

Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County I & II Commack (631) 486-6364 Medford (631) 320-0880 Have you ever found yourself standing in the oral health care isle at your local drug or food store overwhelmed by the amount of toothpastes… Continue Reading →

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