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The Importance Of Mouthguards

Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County I & IICommack (631) 486-6364Medford (631) Encouraging your children to play sports is a great way for them to learn the importance of teamwork and to stay active. But as a parent, you naturally… Continue Reading →

Fun Facts About Braces

Your kids need to have their teeth straightened–brace yourself! (See what we did there?) Braces have come such a long way since they first were invented that kids actually look forward to wearing them now. To get your children in… Continue Reading →

Common Orthodontic Issues

Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County I & II Commack (631) 486-6364 Medford (631) 320-0880 Is your child suffering from pain caused by his or her braces? There are a number of common orthodontic problems that can cause discomfort in… Continue Reading →

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