As parents, you are tasked with the responsibility of teaching your children the importance of good dental hygiene, and modeling how to take care of their mouths properly. However, how can you teach your children how to have good oral health if you don’t know how or where to start? The dentists at Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County are here to offer several tips on overall oral hygiene and get your family on its way for a lifetime of excellent oral health

Teach Your Children The Importance Of A Good Diet

Having a proper diet leads to having healthy teeth. The teeth, bones, and soft tissues in your mouth need a diet that is well-balanced and full of nutrients. Kids need to learn to eat from all five major food groups and only to eat sugary snack in moderation. Most snacks geared towards children can quickly lead to cavity formation, such as juice, sodas, and hard candies. They stick on the teeth until the teeth are brushed and cause acid attacks on the teeth which leads to tooth decay. You can model healthy eating by choosing nutritious foods to snack on, and consume “junk foods” in moderation. Always remember to brush afterward!

Educate Your Children On Cavity Prevention

As a parent, you should also model good oral behavior and teach children how to prevent cavities from forming in their mouths.


For infants, use a wet gauze to wipe away plaque from emerging teeth or gums. Older children need to be taught to brush their teeth at least two times a day, if not three, and after every meal. It’s important not to brush immediately after eating but to wait for about 30 minutes to let larger food particles detach from the teeth.


Parents are just as guilty of not flossing between their teeth as children are, but it is an important habit to teach your kids. By both brushing and flossing teeth twice a day, you remove bacteria and leftover food particles that combine and create cavities.

Fluoride Treatments And Sealants

Pediatric dentists also recommend protective sealants or fluoride treatments for children that are applied to your child’s molars and help prevent tooth decay. If tooth decay is already present, it’s important to come in for an appointment to get a sealant and ensure the bacteria does not worsen.

Appointments Every Six Months

Come in at least twice a year to make sure everything looks good. Missing scheduled appointments can result in cavities, gum disease, and other health conditions.

Good oral hygiene habits start at home. Whether your child is an infant, or school-aged, it is important to model these good habits for them, so they have good oral hygiene and keep their beautiful smiles radiant! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!