Taking care of our teeth doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience for your child.  It’s time to mix things up a little bit and make your kid’s nightly routine one they look forward to! Try some of these suggestions:

Make Up A Song

A sing along is always fun no matter what the activity. Come up with a song about teeth, gums, or their tongue and brush along with the tune.

Play “Dentist”

Let your child brush his/her stuffed animals teeth and play dentist for the night. This makes it into more of a make believe game and who knows, maybe you’ll have a future dentist on the way!

Brush Each Other’s Teeth

Let your kids brush your teeth and do theirs in return.

Offer Choices

Kids love to make decisions for themselves. Let your kid pick the color, flavor, brand and texture of his/her dental products.

Use An App

There are multiple games you can download on your phone to make teeth brushing more fun. This will keep them intrigued and engaged during their routine.


There are many other ways to get your kids to brush their teeth and make it fun. For more suggestions, contact us. Don’t forget to schedule your child’s annual appointment to ensure they are on track for a healthy, happy mouth!