As a new school year begins in, kids across Long Island are also heading back to their favorite fall athletic teams. From buying equipment to getting the kids to practice on time, you have plenty of tasks on the agenda. Adding a review of dental health and safety when it comes to fall sports is pivotal. Here are a few tips to keep your star athlete on the field and out harm from a dental emergency:

Check Loose Teeth

While you don’t want to cause your kids anxiety and stress when they’re playing sports, you should check for any loose teeth. A tooth suddenly falling out during an athletic event could cause alarm. If your kids have loose teeth, keep an eye on them. See if removal is possible before the first big game.

Guard the Mouth

You buy the proper safety equipment for your kids, so you should do the same when it comes to their teeth. Speak to your dentist about the type of sports that your children play so that you can better learn about the specific risks posed to their teeth. Wearing a mouthguard, for example, is one common practice to protect against damage.

Don’t Skip Procedures

Children and parents alike tend to place a great deal of emphasis on sports, especially when vying for desirable decisions or hoping to get into college on an athletic scholarship. As a result, you may want to put off necessary dental procedures until the season ends. Doing so could cause small problems to turn into big ones. Furthermore, delaying dental procedures sends a message to kids that their dental health is not that important.

Enjoy a season full of sports without injury by placing a high priority on your children’s dental health now. Doing so can help the kids to have a happier and healthier athletic season, and you can have greater peace of mind. To book an appointment with the Best Pediatric Dental Practice on Long Island, contact us today! 

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