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Infants and toddlers have a natural tendency to put things in their mouths and suck on them, especially thumbs!  Children tend to feel more safe, content, and relaxed when they are sucking on something. Therefore, when the time comes to stop children from sucking on their thumbs, the process can be very difficult.

 Between the ages of 2-4, children generally stop sucking their thumbs because their baby teeth begin to fall out and the adult teeth are making the move in. Often times, thumb sucking tends to cause crooked teeth and in some situations, gum issues. 

Listed below are some ways to help your child stop sucking on their thumbs: 

Children usually suck their thumbs when they are feeling anxious or insecure. It’s important to pay close attention to your child and see if you can notice any patterns. 

It’s important to praise your child for not sucking their thumb. Try and stay away from scolding them for sucking their thumb. 

Sometimes, using a bandage or sock at night will prevent your child from hand to mouth contact because the sock or bandage will be used as a barrier. This method really helps children stop sucking their thumb subconsciously. 

Contact your pediatric dentist. They may be able to prescribe a medication to coat your child’s thumb with or implement a mouth appliance to help cut the habit. 

Offering encouragement to older children is the best way to hep them reach a solution for their thumb sucking problem. Simply providing insight on the future of their teeth will help them realize the negative effects and hopefully stop them from sucking on their thumb. 

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