Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County I & II
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Medford (631) 320-0880

Kids are active! And with all of the running around and jumping from place to place, they’re at an increased risk of injury to their teeth. So what happens when a dental emergency happens? Be prepared and keep Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County on speed dial!

Should your child experience any of the emergencies below, give us a call immediately! We’re here to help!

While most dental emergencies can be handled by our experienced and caring staff, situations like a possible broken jaw or severe blow to the head should handled by a hospital emergency room as soon as possible!

To learn more about common dental emergencies and what you can do to help them, visit us here.
Emergencies are never fun, however, being prepared can make all the difference in a frightening emergency situation. If a dental emergency should arise, Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County are here for you and your child. Give us a call at 631-486-6364 for our Commack office, or 631-320-0880 to schedule an appointment in Medford.