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Baby teeth are a critical component of every child’s development. Since so many parents come in with questions about their children’s teeth, how they look, how they’ll grow and ways to care for them, we thought we’d share some facts that might help:

  • Your baby is not born toothless! Babies are born with 20 primary teeth in the jaw, and they should all fully errupt by the time your child is three years old.
  • Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. They should be brushed as soon as they appear and children should make sure they have regular dental checkups from the start of their teeth appearing.
  • No two mouths are the same–baby teeth come in all shapes and sizes! Some children may have fangs, two headed teeth or even an extra row, but rest assured, these are all normal!
  • If you notice your child grinding their teeth, don’t totally panic. Studies show that most kids outgrow this habit by the time they reach adolescence.
  • Drooling is good for baby’s teething process. It helps to moisten the gums and reduce inflammation.
  • Extended bottle feeding not only contributes to baby bottle tooth decay, but childhood obesity too, so try to wean them off early.

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