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By now you’ve heard us mention how important flossing is for your little ones. But we’re often asked questions from parents about the specifics of what type of floss is best for their kids and just how often they should do it. To clear up any flossing misconceptions and to answer some of your most asked questions, we’re here to set the record straight! After all, a smile really is your child’s best accessory, so you’ll want to help them treat it right!

Should my child floss?
Yes! Absolutely! Definitely! For sure! In case you’re still unsure of how we feel, let us elaborate. Flossing is perhaps the most overlooked part of keeping your child’s teeth clean. It’s critically important in preventing cavities as it allows you to clean in between where their teeth, where a toothbrush can’t reach. In addition to preventing cavities, flossing also freshens their breath and polishes tooth surfaces.

How old should my child be when they start flossing? How long should they floss for?
Once a baby’s primary teeth begin to touch together, it’s necessary to start flossing. Sometimes this is as early as 10 months old, but for most children, their teeth don’t need to be flossed until around age two. Once you determine if they’re ready to begin flossing, it should take place at least once a day for two to three minutes each time to be most effective.

What type of dental floss is best?
There are many different types of dental floss that can be used. Waxed and unwaxed, flavored and unflavored, wide and regular, textured and smooth–these are just a few options to choose from. While each parent and child need to determine which floss works best for them, we find that fun flavored flosses can help get your kids in the mood to practice their oral hygiene routine.

What is the best floss technique?
The key to flossing your child’s teeth is determining a good flossing position. Once that’s determined, ask your pediatric dentist to demonstrate any of the following techniques:
  • Spool Method- The Finger Wrap Method
  • Loop Method- The Circle Method
  • Pre Threaded Flosser

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