According to the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, as a result of the continued efforts of adding fluoride to communal water stores, there’s been an extraordinary regression in tooth decay. As a matter of fact, the CDC considers fluoride to be so imperative to proper oral healthcare they named it just as important as immunizations and smoking prevention.


Fluoride can naturally be found in the elements such as rocks, water and soil. Medical professionals working in the dental trade all know that dental records indicate in the past 70 years, as a result of water fluoridation, each generation has made significant improvement in both the severity and quantity of cavities. It’s been recognized by the surgeon general and professionals alike in the medical trade so important that it is a matter worth fighting for. Below is a look at a few interesting facts concerning fluoride and its chemical makeup.

Fluoride Fact one:

  • It’s found naturally in all bodies of water but generally does not have the percentage high enough to effectively reinforce the teeth from decay. This is why it is so important to have supplemental treatments like toothpaste and fluoride treatments in the dentist office.
  • Federal health leaders and experts recommend adding 0.7 parts per million fluoride to water ratio.

Fluoride Fact Two:

  • Fluoride is considered among experts to be a critically essential mineral for strong and healthy teeth.
  • It’s not considered a medication as determined by the United States Judicial system.
  • It’s regarded to be in a classification of preventative naturally occurring substances that help fortify the condition of a person’s teeth such as folic acid is supplemented to foods.

Fluoride Fact Three:

Fluoride Fact Four:

  • Toothpastes must undergo testing to make sure they meet mandated guidelines, so it’s important to pick a brand recommended by the ADA. In this way, Fluorosis can be avoided.


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