We’re pretty familiar with our teeth as they’re in our mouth all the time, but we’re not nearly as familiar with teeth in the animal kingdom. Some animal teeth are similar to ours, but the majority are much different when it comes to shape, size, uses, and more. Check out these animals and what goes on in their mouths!

1. Horses

Did you know that a horse’s teeth weigh more than its brain? The front teeth are used to bite off whatever the horse is chewing and the back teeth, or molars, are used to grind before swallowing.

2. Giraffes

Giraffes have the same number of teeth as we do: thirty-two! However, they lack their front upper teeth, so all 32 sit on either the bottom jaw or the upper back jaw.

3. Sharks

Sharks lose their teeth all throughout their lifetime. Their teeth are position in rows, one behind the other so that when they fall out, they can be quickly replaced by the row sitting behind them. On average, a shark loses one tooth per week.

4. Elephants

These well-known, giant animals have the longest teeth in the world, their tusks! Elephants tusks are a set of teeth that keep growing throughout their lifetime. Yes, they have teeth in their mouths too, but their tusks are considered incredibly long incisors.

5. Blue Whales

These loud, large animals of the sea have no teeth. Blue whales feed off only small prey and swallow them whole! Yikes.

There are so many more animals with different teeth than humans that you can learn about. Now that you know about these five animals, we hope you continue to research and find even more fun facts. If you see anything interesting, be sure to tell us at your next appointment!