Your kids need to have their teeth straightened–brace yourself! (See what we did there?)
Braces have come such a long way since they first were invented that kids actually look forward to wearing them now. To get your children in the straightening spirit, here are some fun facts about their new teeth accessory :
Smiling with Braces | Children's Dentist Suffolk County


  • Some braces are invisible: Not because they’re clear, but because they are inserted behind the teeth! Cool, right?
  • Braces are customizable: Rubber bands can be changed with every appointment. If your child has a favorite sports team, school pride or certain colors they love, they can change their rubber bands to reflect their personal style!
  • Floss a special way: Orthodontists and dentists can show your children how to floss their teeth effectively, without using a threader. This special flosser is successful in getting underneath the wire and in between the teeth–perfect to help them keep up their proper oral hygiene regimen.
  • They might feel weird–but not for long: The first day of wearing braces typically is the most uncomfortable, but don’t worry this won’t last long. Traditional metal braces are now smaller and more efficient at straightening teeth–even the wires are thinner, making them much less painful than they used to be!
  • Show them off: Don’t let your kids feel self-conscious about wearing braces. They are an extremely common part of growing up and they should be shown off! Encourage your kids to smile. Afterall, a few short years wearing braces is more than worth a lifetime with a beautiful and healthy smile!
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