We’re all too familiar with the nightly teeth brushing battle when it comes to children. As parents, we want our kids to form the best habits early on for oral health longevity, but sometimes it can seem impossible. Not anymore! Check out these tips to get your child to brush his/her teeth in a fun way!

Start With Encouragement

Be proud of your child and get them excited about brushing their teeth. If they see you excited, it will spark interest and make them excited. Kids are constantly learning, and if we show them teeth brushing can be fun, they will think so too.

Try A Song

Make it fun with a sing along. Come up with different tunes and lyrics all about teeth brushing! You can even make it educational.

A Reward System

Make a deal. Challenge your child to brush his/her teeth every night for one week without being asked and reward them with something small if they do so.

Let Them Choose

There are so many different types, colors, shapes, and sizes of toothbrushes out there. Let them pick a style they like and make it their own.


There are many other ways to make things fun for your child when it comes to oral care. Be creative, and it can even turn into a great bonding experience!


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