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Calling all busy parents! We know that caring for your children is a round the clock job that requires lots of planning. Whether you’re running off to basketball practice, or have to get the kids to school, your children’s snacks shouldn’t suffer due to a hectic schedule. Here are some tooth friendly snacks to encourage healthy eating and are perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle!

Nuts are a great option to have on hand in the car. Not only are they typically mess-free, but they are rich in protein which helps to build stronger teeth. Chewing nuts promotes saliva production, which naturally protects and cleans your teeth by removing buildup and debris.

Fruits And Veggies
It’s no secret why these made the list. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and nutrients, which are vital to the overall health of your children. Like nuts, fruits and veggies also promote saliva production, which helps in cavity prevention. Grabbing a piece of fruit on your way out the door is a much better alternative than giving your child a pre-bagged snack that is high in added sugar. But beware of citrus fruits that are high in acid, as it can eat away at the enamel that protects their teeth.

Cheese and Dairy
Cheese, milk and low-fat yogurt are great snacks to keep your kids satisfied while promoting good oral health. These items are chock full of calcium and protein, which are the primary minerals in building strong teeth and bones. Cut up cheese into small cubes and throw them in your purse for a quick snack at any time!

By now we know about the countless benefits of drinking water. But did you know that water is also one of the best tools in keeping mouths clean? Fluoridated water is key in providing resistance to acidic foods. When packing a snack for your child, always opt for a bottle of water in lieu of a sugary fruit drink or soda. Encourage your child to swish that water around their mouth as soon as they’re done snacking, which can help remove debris caught in their teeth!

Eating on the road can be tough. Next time you find yourself struggling to find an on-the-go snack for your children, remember these tips! For any questions or concerns about your child’s oral health, contact Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County today! For further information, visit or connect with us on Facebook.