As a parent, you’re always trying to do what’s best for your child–and that includes having them follow a proper and nutritious diet. Whether it’s snacking on granola bars, or choosing smoothies instead of ice cream, there are endless dietary actions you can take to improve your child’s health. But, before you overhaul their diet, be wary of some “healthy” foods that are not-so-healthy for their tiny teeth:
Granola: While granola is usually advertised as a healthy alternative to cereal or a great yogurt topping, granola typically contains high amounts of sugar and fat. The added sugar can lead to tooth decay, and the high density of calories can leave your child hungry, causing them  to overeat.

Dried Fruit: After all, fruit is healthy, right? Not in this case! Dried fruit contains much higher levels of sugar than their natural counterparts, and none of the water that helps make fruit so healthy.  When choosing fruit, always go for fresh and never dried!

Smoothies: You’ve heard us mention time and time again about how unhealthy smoothies can be. They’re often loaded with sugar and packed with hidden calories. If you must give your child a smoothie, be sure to make a homemade one to ensure you know what is being added. Greek yogurt and fruits lower in sugar are your best bets to protect your child’s teeth.

Citrus Fruits: While there are tons of health benefits of fruit, citrus ones can be damaging to your child’s teeth. Fruits that are high in acidity are oranges, grapefruits, lemons and tangerines and can lead to tooth enamel erosion. If you serve your child citrus fruits, rinse their mouth out with water after they’re done eating to wash the acid away, and help prevent cavities from forming.

Next time your child asks for a snack, be sure to keep them healthy and tooth-friendly. For any questions or concerns about your child’s oral health, contact Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County. Give us a call at (631) 320-0880 or (631) 486-6364 to schedule an appointment today!