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It’s summertime and the sun is shining bright. What better way to spend a glorious summer day than at the beach? Going to the beach is always a fun and relaxing experience. Although eating on the beach can be messy and you may not know what to pack for you and your children. Here are some foods that are beach-friendly and more importantly, healthy!

  • Citrus Fruits – Oranges, tangerines, etc. may be the most refreshing snacks to bring to the beach. For starters, this snack will keep you hydrated and energized with its refreshing juices. The rind of the fruit will also protect it from sand and the harsh sun. 
  • Salted Nuts – Nuts will keep your little ones fueled for your big beach day adventure with healthy fats and protein! Salted nuts are ideal because they may be low on sodium from sweating. This easy to pack snack will help replenish sodium levels, but remember to pair it with a bottle of water to keep hydrated. Be bold and create your own trail mix by throwing in some granola, dried fruit, and other nuts!
  • Coconut Water – Keep this drink close on a hot day at the beach. Coconut water is filled with electrolytes to keep you hydrated. This drink is an optimal choice for hydration because it has more potassium than your average banana, Allow your coconut water to freeze up a bit in the freezer before packing to keep it at a cooler temperature for longer.
  • Sliced Veggies – You may be reading this thinking “Really, vegetables on the beach?” Next time you’re planning a beach trip, pack some sliced celery and carrots and you will be happily surprised. Not only are they juicy, crisp, and filled with nutrients, but they do not brown in the sun like fruits do. Pair this healthy snack with some hummus or almond butter for some added flavor. Keep your veggies cool by placing ice cubes in the plastic bags.

All of these snacks are easy to pack, healthy, and keep you and your children energized for a fun day at the beach. Not only are these snacks good for kids’ growing bodies, but they’re also teeth-friendly! No matter where we go, oral care should always be in the back of our minds. When the beach day is over, don’t forget to call Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County to check up on your child’s teeth! Give us a call at one of our two convenient locations today!

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