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​Super Bowl Sunday – one of the most anticipated days of the year for sports fans across the nation. Now that the day is here, you’re probably finalizing the menu and getting the house in order. While you may be thinking “that’s easy, all we need is traditional game day food like wings and dip,” you mustn’t forget about the children who might be attending as well. To help you plan a party that is healthy in terms of nutrition and safe for your child’s teeth too, we’ve put together a list of healthy Super Bowl snacks below.

​1. Veggie Wrap – Rather than pack your sandwiches with heavy ingredients, blend some of your favorite vegetables together instead.

2. ​Grilled Wings – Okay, we know traditional fried wings are a classic Super Bowl finger food, but you can still enjoy the same great taste even if you grill them!

3. Fruit Spread – Rather than put sugary treats on the table, entice guests with a delicious fruit spread! You’d be surprised at how fast the plate is cleared.

Once the game is over, don’t forget to have your children brush their teeth! A healthy ending to a healthy night will only improve their smile more.

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