Clean water is important to the health of all living things. The human body up made of 70% water. Drinking water, especially unfiltered tap water, has many chemicals and solid impurities within it. Toxic contaminants may also exist in the water especially if from water sources or wells that have been contaminated by industrial chemicals. Many of the private wells that exist today have not been monitored for chemical contaminants.

Children drink more water than their body weight when compared to adults. Their bodies are more exposed to pollutants and impurities that exist in the drinking water. This results in an increased risk of chronic conditions and disease affecting their health. According to, children are exposed to a minimum of 250 contaminants in their tap water. 90 of these contaminants cause cancer, 78 of these contaminants affect the development and function of the brain and the nervous system, and 48 of the contaminants are disruptive to the production of hormones.

One of the most common contaminants existing in tap water today is lead. Lead is a potent neurotoxin that affects the brain and the nervous systems of humans and animals. Lead leaches out of the pipes when they are in repeated contact with water. If lead is not removed from the water through filtration, it can cause serious health issues and conditions such as lead poisoning. Long-term exposure to lead can cause damage to the nervous system.

The water your child drinks is important to their health. Drinking water, especially drinking unfiltered tap water can be detrimental to their brain development. Bathing and brushing teeth with this water can affect their skin and the enamel on their teeth. Contact Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County to schedule your child’s next dental appointment and check-up on your child’s oral health.