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Are your toddlers’ teeth not so pearly white anymore? Many parents are concerned when their child’s baby teeth become dark or discolored. A few simple tips can help your youngster get rid of the discoloring and get those pearly whites back!

  • Yummy Juices – Apple and grape juice can cause staining. Try brushing their teeth to get the stain off. If this doesn’t work try weakening the juices with water or stop the juices all together and just have them drink milk.

  • Medicine – Liquid and chewable medicines can also cause staining because of the high sugar content. A light yellowish-brown film can cover their teeth and ruin their pearly whites.

  • Iron – Certain chewable or liquid vitamins may cause staining to baby teeth. This can be difficult to remove but these stains are harmless.

  • Bacteria – Chromogenic is a bacteria that causes dark green or brown stains on baby teeth. These stains are usually located along the gum line. Make an appointment with our dental team to get this problem fixed right away!

  • Damage Teeth – When trauma occurs to a front tooth this may cause discoloration. This happens when the blood vessel inside the tooth breaks and the blood absorbs into the outer layer of the enamel. This will looks like you have a black and blue on your tooth. Consult with one of our dentists when this problem occurs. 
  • Fun Fact – Brushing at bedtime is the most important time of the day! Plaque builds up during the day and can cause staining. Baking soda toothpaste seems to be best for stain removal.     

If you’re concerned about any dark stains on your child’s teeth, don’t hesitate to make an appointment at either our Commack location or our Medford location. To learn more about our practice, visit us on the web at