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Visiting the dentist is often frightening for children, especially on their very first visit. We know how hard it can sometimes be to convince your child that dentists are the good guys, so we’ve compiled some tips to help make your child’s visit run smoothly.

Be short and sweet.
Before your child’s dental visit, make sure to talk to them about what the visit will entail. However, be careful how you phrase details and how you answer their questions. Who’s more imaginative than kids? No one!  You’ll want to be sure to limit the amount of details and information you provide, and leave the hard-to-answer-stuff to the dentists. Pediatric dentists are trained to describe processes to children in a non-threatening way and in easy-to-understand language.

Pain-free is the way to be.
Your child will likely be concerned with what a visit to the dentist will feel like.  Be sure to remind them that a routine cleaning is a nice-and-easy process. Regardless of the reason for their visit, make sure not to tell your child that something will hurt or be painful.  You want them to go into a visit as calm as possible, and fear of pain will make that very difficult.

Be positive.
Since your child trusts your judgement, it’s a good idea to tell them about your past experiences at the dentist.  After all, if Mom and Dad can do it, so can they!  Make sure to share only positive stories, and shy away from any unpleasant dental experience that you may have had.

Teeth cleaning is a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.
Always stress to your child the importance of maintaining healthy dental habits.  Remind them that they are making smart, healthy strides when visiting the dentist, and that the dentist is a friendly doctor who’s there to help!

Remember that it is absolutely normal for children to be fearful of the dentist, but it is your job to help ease that fear.  Your child will trust you and mirror your actions and emotions, so keep calm and they will follow suit.

At Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County, we pride ourselves on our ability to address your child’s dental health in a fun and comfortable atmosphere.  We offer friendly faces and a warm, inviting environment that will help ease your child’s fears and make their visit to the dentist an enjoyable experience for all.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit us at