Have you ever thought about how you’re storing your child’s toothbrush when they are not using it? All of their hard work to keep their mouths clean and healthy can be negated by putting a dirty toothbrush full of bacteria and germs in their mouth. So what’s the best way to care for their toothbrush? Maximize cleanliness and minimize bacteria with these toothbrush cleaning and storing tips:

Sharing is Not Caring: Your child should never share their toothbrush with anyone. Sharing a toothbrush exposes both users to bacteria and microorganisms from the other user and can lead to infection.

Make Sure To Rinse Thoroughly: When your child is done brushing their teeth, always make sure that it is properly rinsed and that all food particles, toothpaste and other debris are fully removed.

Let It Breathe: Store your child’s toothbrush in an open air container, not a sealed one. Putting a wet toothbrush in a sealed container creates a breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria. Be mindful of your storage location as well, keeping it clear from places like the edge of the sink or near the toilet. Yuck!

Give It A Bath: To reduce the amount of bacteria present on your child’s toothbrush, try soaking it in an antibacterial mouthwash after every use. You can make a fun game out of this with your kids to teach them proper cleanliness procedures.

Change It Up: After three months, the bristles of a toothbrush become worn down and less effective. Throw out your child’s toothbrush and replace it with a fresh one. It’s also important to toss their brush and replace it after they’ve been sick.

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