You may not think about it, but properly storing your child’s toothbrush is just as important as making sure they’re brushing and flossing daily. All of that hard work to keep their mouths clean and healthy ends up going down the drain when they use a dirty toothbrush full of bacteria and germs. So what exactly is the best way to care for their toothbrush?

Let it breath. Store your child’s toothbrush in an open air container, not a sealed one. Putting a wet toothbrush in a sealed container allows bacteria to grow faster.

Placement counts. Be mindful of your storage location. Keep their toothbrush clear from edges of the sink or near the toilet – yuck!

Rinse it well. Before your little one puts their toothbrush away, make sure they give it a good, thorough rinse with tap water. This ensures that all food particles, toothpaste, and other debris are fully removed.

Sharing is not caring. Sharing toothbrushes can expose both users to bacteria and infection. Make sure each member in your family has a different color or style to help distinguish from one another.

Switch it up. After three months, bristles of a toothbrush become worn down and less effective. Throw out your child’s toothbrush (and your own!) and replace it with a fresh one, especially after they’ve been sick.

In addition to brushing at home, visiting the dentist is an integral part of maintaining good oral hygiene. That’s where we come in! Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County offers a caring and compassionate approach to pediatric dentistry, ensuring our patients are comfortable at all times. To learn more or schedule an appointment, visit our website or give us a call.

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