Did you know, people fear the dentist more than watching horror movies? Statistics reveal that at least 75% of all adults experience dental fear during the course of their life. Let’s take a closer look at this phobia and discover why dental fear is a real problem for many people.

Our Experience

We have discovered that people develop a fear of the dentist from a personal situation. Some people don’t like having people probing around inside of their mouths, some are not fond of sharp instruments, medical tools or equipment, some have had allergic reactions, and so on.

We all know that dentists are not doing harmful things to their patients, but we can’t change personal fears. All we can do it try to make each experience more positive and rewarding going forward!

Kids With Dental Fear

Parents often have a hard time getting their children to quietly go in for dental visits. Most children that don’t like to brush their teeth on a regular basis likely wouldn’t want a dentist working inside of their mouth.

What We Can Do

Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County does its best to provide a child-friendly atmosphere for young patients. Your child might have a valid reason for being afraid of the dentist, but the dental professionals at Pediatric Dentistry will help make those fears disappear over time!

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