Not only do you have to brush in the morning and night, but with braces it’s important to also do so after every meal. That means there’s no skimping out, even at school. We know how it sounds: exhausting. We also know how your child will react: annoyed.

1. Brush Or Rinse After Every Meal

If your child can’t remember, it’s not the end of the world. Just remember to remind them weekly that even a quick rinse in the bathroom will do!

2. Try A Proxy Brush

Flossing with metal brackets and wires can be a real pain. That’s where proxy brushes come into play. Proxy brushes are Christmas-tree shaped brushes, designed to fit in tight spaces in the mouth. Plus, they’re tiny and discreet — perfect to bring to school!

3. Carry A To-Go Kit

School, practice, or a sleepover with friends. Putting together a small, private dental to-go kit for your kids will help ensure they’re taking proper care of their braces when you’re not around.

4. Knowledge Is Power

There are a few things every patient should know about when it comes to their orthodontic treatment. Discuss with them what they can eat and what to avoid, proper brushing techniques, and the right way to store their travel toothbrush and other oral supplies.


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