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We know that prepping a holiday dinner is hard enough, and when you add kids to the mix, it becomes a little bit harder! We’ve rounded up a few ideas on how to make your Thanksgiving day involve your children so fun is had by all!

Serve kid-friendly food. With all the energy in the room, the kids will more than likely not have much of an appetite for foods that they are not exactly too familiar with. Make something that is Thanksgiving themed to get the kids excited and interested.

Kid proof the house. Set the scene for success by kid proofing your house and alleviate all the stress not just for you, but for your adult guests as well. Also by providing age-appropriate appetizers, games and toys will make the children feel welcomed.

Get creative. Have a kids table filled with Thanksgiving themed placements or print outs and crayons so the kids can have some fun creating a centerpiece. You can even have it so the children can set their own tables the way that they like it.

Ask the kids for help. Get the kids involved to make them feel like they have important role at the dinner. When the kids feel like that are appreciated and wanted, they are less likely to act out. Ways to get them involved would be asking them to share what they are grateful for.

Plan activities. Provide a family-friendly Thanksgiving-themed activity that any age will most definitely enjoy. Bake some sugar cookies up and have small cups filled with various colors of frosting, sprinkles and other candies and let the fun begin.

For more information on how else you can get the kids involved this Thanksgiving season check out this list from Momtastic!

From all of us here at Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving! For more information about our pediatric dental practice, visit