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How many times have you told your toddler to brush their teeth and get ready for bed? They either ignore you or complain about it. As exhausting as it is, it’s important for parents not to let their kiddies skip out on brushing their teeth.

A few simple tips can help you get your child interested and involved in brushing their teeth:
  1. Brush To Music – Try to make brushing teeth fun by singing a friendly tune. Brush to the music and throw in a few dances moves to make it enjoyable.
  2. Copycat –Most young children learn by imitating their parents. Why not brush together while having them look into the mirror? Set the example for good oral hygiene!
  3. Yummy Toothpaste – Get flavored toothpaste that your youngster will enjoy.
  4. Apply Less Paste – Seeing that most kids don’t like toothpaste, you might try limiting the amount you put on the brush.  Observe if this makes them more open to brushing.
  5. Mirror Distraction – Some parents find that having the mirror front and center helps the child focus on what they are doing.
  6. Fun Toothbrush – Try getting a toothbrush that spins. The spinning of the brush will keep them interested. Many electric toothbrushes have timing devices, assuring that your child will brush the dentist recommended 2 minutes.
  7. Freedom – Toddlers love to do everything on their own. Let them try and brush their own teeth to make brushing more exciting.  
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