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Did you know April is National Facial Protection Month? With the welcoming of spring comes a new sports season for your children. Whether they’re signed up for lacrosse, baseball, softball, or field hockey, this is the perfect time to make sure your child’s teeth will be protected all season long.

Check out a couple of tips on what your children can do this spring to protect their face and mouths while participating in spring sports.

Mouth Guards.
A properly fitted mouth guard or mouth piece should be worn during any sport that could result to a blow to the mouth or face. Mouth guards can help to prevent broken or fractured teeth, and injuries to the lips, tongue, jaw or face. If you have any questions about a mouth guard for your child, contact either one of our offices.

Helmets are another alternative that can help to protect your child’s mouth, face, and head. Helmets can help to absorb impact and prevent major injuries.

Face Shields. 
If your child is participating in a sport where objects such as hockey pucks or basketballs may be flying toward their face, wearing a face sheld is another alternative to protecting your child’s smile.

Following these tips is the best way to protect your child’s mouth and smile this spring. If you have any questions, please contact Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County I & II by calling (631) 320-0880 for our Commack office and (631) 320-0880 for our Medford office. You can also learn more about our practice by visiting!

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