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October is National Dental Hygiene Month! Did you know that according to the Center for Oral Health, children’’s oral health is the number one unmet health need in the United States? Make sure to maintain proper oral health for your child by following these four simple steps that will help them enjoy a lifetime of good oral health:

Brush: It’s important for your child to brush twice a day for two minutes each time. Proper brushing reduces sticky plaque, prevents tooth decay, and helps limit the onset of gum disease. Make sure to use a toothpaste with fluoride, but only apply a pea sized amount of toothpaste on the brush, to prevent your child from swallowing the substance.
Floss: It’s important to make flossing part of your daily oral routine. According to, it was reported that nearly 80 percent of people don’t floss! Daily flossing helps you reach places that your toothbrush can’t, and is the best way to remove remaining food particles left in between your teeth. Flossing also helps prevent  bad breath and lowers your child’s risk of developing gum disease, so don’t skip it!  

Rinse: Have your child rinse with an antimicrobial mouthwash every day  to achieve optimal dental health. Mouthwash not only helps reduce bad breath, but also works to combat gingivitis and other gm diseases.

Chew: You probably never thought you’d hear a dentist recommend chewing gum as part of a health care routine, but chewing sugar-free gum after meals is instrumental in helping fight tooth decay. The action of chewing sugar-free gum stimulates  saliva, which helps fight cavities, neutralize plaque and remineralize enamel, so popping a piece after a meal is a good thing!

In order to really ensure great dental health, make sure your child is keeping up with their regular dental visits. At Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County, children will receive superior dental care in a nurturing and compassionate atmosphere. To learn more about our practice visit us here, or give us a call at 631-320-0880 to schedule an appointment today!